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This is
a one-off …

Where there’s
a post office there’s a pub!

An old Viennese saying: where there’s a post office there’s a pub, and where there’s Vienna’s main post office there’s the Czaak! A dash of nostalgia, a touch rustic and a bundle of Viennese charm make this traditional Viennese restaurant an integral part of the old town.

​Since 1926 the Czaak family has been serving guests in Vienna’s old town, the 1st district. The cuisine is – of course – traditional Viennese. And the drinks?  A wide range of quality Austrian wines, a fine assortment of barrelled beers and selected local spirits. And all served, as it should be in a traditional Viennese restaurant, with Schmäh, the world-famous Viennese sense of humour.

…because it’s cosy!

Vienna’s most unusual “roof”
awaits you at Czaaks!

…because it’s different!

With us its ladies first! Except when visiting
the “smallest room”, then its recommended
ladies use the second door.

with history.
…because it’s delicious!

When browsing through the menu one might get the impression that time stands still in the Czaak kitchen. But no, only the clocks tick at
a slightly more relaxed pace. 


Amongst the traditional dishes of the Viennese cuisine, such as Wiener Schnitzel (veal coated in breadcrumbs), Alt-Wiener Backhuhn (deep-fried chicken), beef goulash and Schinkenfleckerl (Viennese pasta with ham and onions) you will also find dishes that Emperor Franz Josef may not have been served: goat cheese baked in herbs, the house Schnitzel or a variation of desserts a la Czaak.

There remains only one thing more to say:

Enjoy your meal!
…because it has history!

A restaurant since 1926.


Matthias Czaak opens the doors for the first time to the “Gaststätte zur Hauptpost” and several generations later they are still open. Could he have imagined that?
We don’t know.


Where there’s a landlord, there’s a landlady! Maria Czaak takes over after the death of her husband. Their son Leopold breaks off his medical studies and, in place of his brother Erich, who died during the war, runs the restaurant in the family tradition.


Leopold Czaak takes over the restaurant which had been badly damaged in the war. The culinary skills of his wife Anna soon make it known far and wide. After her death in 1973 Leopold continues to run the restaurant, but with a reduced menu.


Son Peter Czaak together with his childhood friend Roman take over the “Gaststätte zur Hauptpost”.
The restaurant is renovated to bring back the original atmosphere of a Viennese Beisl. Only the name
changes, to “Alt-Wiener Gaststätte beim Czaak” and
in the summer a new Schanigarten is opened with seating outside.


Werner Czaak and his wife Margit follow in his parents’ footsteps. The kitchen swings back into full operation offering customers original Viennese delicacies. 


After Roman Galler returns to pursue his original career Peter Czaak runs the restaurant alone. “Beim Czaak” is reputed for its traditional Viennese cooking, cosy ambience, relaxed atmosphere and popularity with both Viennese and visitors alike.


With the arrival of brother-in-law Michael who takes over the running of the restaurant and sister Claudia working in the background Peter once more enjoys
the support of a family business. And with that
“Beim Czaak” looks forward to the future as a typical traditional Viennese restaurant.

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